Supplement Trends

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Bodybuilding isn’t a new fad, but something that has been around since the time of ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations. Men’s fascination with their bodies over the years has only increased and bodybuilding and sporting activities now find their way in the lives of most people in some form or the other. Since the last decade or two, the focus has been not only on building muscles through the gymnasium but also through one’s diet. Initially, it was about eating the right food as bodybuilders require a special diet which helps in their muscle growth and repair. Soon, nutrition for bodybuilders meant more than just requiring a specialized diet — and dietary or nutritional supplements entered the scene.




Bodybuilders, like other sportspersons, took to these bodybuilding supplements (a type of dietary supplements) to build their body muscle mass and strength. Sports nutrition supplements is a broad category under which bodybuilding supplements fall. Supplements soon were to be found in the form of powders, shakes, formulas, bars, pills, etc., all created with the aim of enhancing one’s muscle growth. With an increase in awareness and interest in adopting an active and healthy lifestyle, many consumers took to consuming these supplements. The increasing number of health clubs, gymnasiums, and holding of fitness and bodybuilding contests only propelled for a faster adoption of this category. The interest fuelled by the media — the print, electronic as well as the social media only ensured a sustained growth rate of the supplements industry. That coupled with the increase in disposable income as well as the easy availability of these supplements through these very health clubs and fitness centers, has got forecasters predicting a healthy growth of this market at a CAGR of around 7.3% in the coming 5 years.

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Guidelines for Vegan Bodybuilding: Building Muscle on a Plant-Based Diet

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Vegan Bodybuilding

Sometimes, people who follow a vegan diet think they can’t build muscle because they don’t eat meat. However, you can still get enough protein for muscle building when you eat a diet based totally on plant foods. A vegan diet is one that doesn’t include any foods from animal sources. If you’re a vegan who’s interested in gaining body mass, here are some basic guidelines for bodybuilding.

Eat More Protein Based Foods

One of the main ways to build muscle is to eat more foods that contain dense protein. These include foods such as nuts, beans, whole grains and seeds. Just be sure you avoid artificial meat products and other processed foods.

You’ll need to include these foods into every meal and snack. For example, instead of just eating cereal or bread, add peanut butter, which is a legume and source of protein.

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